LeifThe Leif Nissen Foundation is dedicated to the many causes of social justice that exist around the world. Social justice implies that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Therefore, this Foundation has been designed to forward opportunities that assist the human condition. We want to open doors for those who are in greatest need and empower those who have been left behind.
The Foundation is dedicated to both simple and complex methods of social justice. We will work on simple projects such as donating food and clothing to those in need. We will also work with and donate to organizations that have higher aspirations such as bringing knowledge forward about the human condition.
Please click on Donation Information on the right, to see some of the organizations that have received funds from the Foundation. If you are interested in assisting our work (either with suggestions or monetarily) please either write to use at contact@LeifNissenFoundation.org or LeifNissenFoundation@gmail.com.